ICK Assurance Home Health Care Inc. FAQS

Q1: What does ICK Assurance Home Health Care Inc. Provide?

A: We offer high quality, compassionate and patient-center care in the comfort of your home.

Q2: What does your team consist of?

A: Our team consist of highly skilled certified professionals of Registered Nurses, Behavioral Health Nurses, Physical Therapy, Companionship, Home Health Aides, Wound Consults whichevery member works together to meet their patients’ needs and improved patient outcomes is our common goal.

Q3: Do you cover my insurance if I qualify for Home Health services?

A: You must have a medical necessity for the skilled services of a Nurse or Therapist. Our current list of accepted insurance plans is as follows, but are not limited to:

Tricare (Health Net Federal Services) LLC
Tufts – Network Health
Boston Medical HealthNet Plan
Commonwealth Care Alliance
Private Pay

ICK Assurance Home Health Care Inc. must also receive orders from your doctor to provide you with home health services.

Q4: What happens when ICK Assurance Home Health Care Inc. receives a signed order from your doctor to provide me with Home Health Services?

>> A registered nurse will call you to schedule an Assessment initial visit within 24-48 hours of a signed referral from your doctor.

>> A comprehensive assessment will be completed by all disciplinarians ordered.

>> A plan of treatment will be formulated and will be sent to your doctor for signature and oversight.

>> During the course of treatment, any changes will be communicated to your doctor in a prompt and concise manner.

>> An appropriate discharge plan will be formulated with you, your doctor and your family at the onset of care. Assurance Home Care will release you from its services according to that plan.

Q5: What other languages does your staff speak?

A: We have staff member that communicate in many different languages in English, Spanish, Swahili, French, and Creole, Portuguese.

Q6: How do I contact my nurse, HHA, or therapist?

A: Each patient is provided the phone number of each disciplinarians and 24-hours on-call phone number where a registered nurse can connect you to the right disciplinarians.

Q7: How do you receive referrals?

A: A client may be referred to ICK Assurance Home Health Care Inc. by their physician, hospitals, nursing homes, caregivers, family and friends, as well as self-referral.

Q8: What age population do you serve?

A: We serve the population of 18 years old and over.

Q9: What is your mission statement?

A: The Mission Statement of our Agency, ICK Assurance Home Health Care, Inc. is to provide comprehensive high quality homecare services to our clients by creating strong partnerships with their families, case managers, discharge planners and physicians.

Q10: What does being CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) and CHAP (Community Health Accreditation Program) mean to you?

A: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is a federal agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that administers the Medicare program and works in partnership with state governments to administer Medicaid, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, and health insurance portability stands.

CHAP accreditation is an extension of that mission. It communicates to our patients and their families that we will provide services in a way that exceeds quality and compliance standards.

We are regulated both by CHAP and CMS standards.